Season of Giving

November 1 to December 10, 2023

At this time of year we are faced with many requests to give, and mostly to good causes. We thought it would be helpful to provide you with all of the Barn invitations at one time so that you know what is coming and can be prayerful stewards of your resources.


We are inviting you to let us know what you plan to give in 2024, to bless others in our congregation with financial gifts to the Deacon offering so they can distribute grocery cards to various families, and finally to bless the most vulnerable among us with Christmas gifts for children in care.  The season of giving will begin November 1 and wrap up on December 10, 2023. 

Plan Your Giving for 2024

As we look to plan the budget for 2024, we need your help to know what we can plan to to steward well in 2024.  We ask that you tell us what you plan to give.  This information is held in strict confidence known only to a couple of finance team members.  Only the aggregate is discussed at finance meetings.  

We would like this information by the end of November so we can have a balanced budget to present to the Session in December.

Donate to Christmas Blessing Grocery Cards

Each year the Deacons collect money to use in the purchase of grocery cards in order to bless some of the families within our church during the holiday season in hopes of easing the burdens they may feeling.  This offering was formerly called the Thanksgiving Day Fund but since cards are distributed through the holidays we have updated the name.  

We would like donations in hand before November 20th.  

Buy Gifts for Local Foster Children

Each year, we sponsor a "Giving Tree" with gift requests gathered from local social workers in our partnership with Covenant to Care for Children.  


Gifts will be due by December 10, 2023 so that we can get them to the various social workers before Christmas.