The Barn exists to equip men and women to love God and others. We are very fond of Jesus of Nazareth! We believe he died on a cross and rose from the dead to fully reconcile us to God and then to neighbor. We receive this by grace - a free gift to us, at great cost to him.


At CPC (Covenant Presbyterian Church) we love Jesus’ teachings, and find real life there, even amidst a bent and broken world. We enjoy and rely upon the bible as the authority for knowing and loving god and our neighbors. We open it on Sundays anticipating that God will equip us to love him and others - first by calling us to himself and saving us, and second by growing us up as lovers of him and neighbor.


Covenant Presbyterian Church is reformed by heritage, thankful to the church fathers who brought us the bible in regular language and saw repeatedly the beautiful relentlessly-pursuing-sovereignty of God in the scriptures. We are orthodox in tone and temperament. We believe that a personal relationship with God is possible and essential. This is found in a relationship with Jesus, what the apostle Paul called being "in Christ". We believe the bible is authoritative on the matters it speaks about. And we are Presbyterian, we have lay elders and deacons. Elders pray and watch over the ministry of the word and sacrament at the church, and deacons sympathize and serve the hurting in our church. We also have trustees because of the land and buildings we steward.


Elders serving in 2024 are: Bill Kracke, Meg Pascucci, Stew Blomquist, Gwyn Charles, Beth Rotblatt, Joseph Lehman, Simon Evans, and Aaron Abbott.


Deacons serving in 2024 are: Michelle Irvin, Ryan Gritter, Liz Ross,  and Meg Evans.


Trustees serving in 2024 are: Jon Olson, Jim Howell, Doug Irvin, Matt Ritchie, Mils Kruger, Cait Ritchie, and Dave Ross. 


Please feel free to EMAIL OUR PASTOR with any questions.