What to do on a Retreat

Many people are afraid to be alone.  We think that it would be hard to  spend 4 or 8 or 24 hours alone with God.  Some of us are not afraid to be alone but we have no idea what we would do on a retreat.  Let’s see if we can help you with that.

First, we have provided a suggested list of elements that make up a retreat.  Read this over and put together a plan from these elements for your retreat today. We all need the time and space to get apart and be alone with our heavenly Father.

Retreats also give you an opportunity to practice some of the spiritual disciplines you already use like bible memorization, intercessory prayer or fasting. Also, a retreat is a great time to start practicing a new spiritual discipline.  We have put together a short introduction to the spiritual disciplines as well as providing a list of spiritual disciplines that are appropriate during a retreat.  Read this introduction and then click on one you are familiar with or something brand new.