Unguided Retreats

The very first thing we need to do is set apart a time and a place to be with God and Him alone.” Henri Nouwen

Unguided Listening Retreats are self-directed retreats designed for individuals or groups who want to spend time alone with God for listening, prayer, and reflection.

Each person will be assigned a private room but retreatants are encouraged to use the whole property:  sit in the living room, walk the pathways, sit by the brook or the reflection areas that are placed throughout the 30+ acres, and spend time in the sanctuary or prayer silo in the main building.  During the day members of the CFR Retreat Team are available to meet with the retreatant briefly if so desired.

Half-day (4-hour) , full-day (8-hour) and one or more overnight (24-hour) retreats are available.  Start times are approximate and flexible. For those who are not available week-days, take advantage of our Saturday times or start your half-day retreat at 4 PM. A member of the CFR Retreat Team will meet you, show you around the property, pray with you and offer some optional direction as to where to begin.  At the close of your time, the same team member will again meet with you, debrief and pray with you.

Food is available either as bring-your-own or self-serve from our stocked kitchen.  A microwave, stove, toaster oven, and refrigerator are available to use throughout your stay.

Two private rooms with a twin bed are available as well as one private room with a king size bed and one with a queen size bed. Separate men’s and women’s community bathrooms, each with shower, are available.

We have been offering Unguided Listening retreats for many years.  For a number of years, a group of pastors have come once a month to be both alone and to have the comradery with their brothers in ministry.  Consider bringing a partner in ministry and spend significant times alone as well as spending some quality time with a brother or sister in ministry.

Do you know a missionary on furlough?  Encourage them to come and be refreshed by both the beauty of nature and the presence of God.  Why not sponsor their time with us?  If you are a lay person, consider offering this to your pastor.  It’s amazing what great sermons are birthed away from the office in the quiet.

Make it the very first thing you do today.  “Make time to take time.” Set apart time and space where you can spend time alone with your heavenly Father.

Don’t know what you would do on an unguided retreat?  Check out our helpful list of possible structures to your day.