“We teach people to do the things that Jesus said to do.”

Dallas Willard

What is a Guided Group Listening Retreat?

A Guided Group Listening Retreat can be described as a time of immersion into God’s presence both individually and corporately. A time of Coram Deo. Coram Deo means “Before the face of God.”  There will be time for you to be alone with God and time to be with Him in the context of His body.  During the entire time, we will be helping you to listen for His voice.  You have given yourself a gift of time and we know that God will return to you a gift of His word to you on this retreat.

How long is a Guided Group Listening Retreat?

A typical group retreat either starts at 8:00 AM and ends at 5:00 PM or starts after dinner  and goes through the following day until dinner time.  However, these are only “typical.”  We can plan a guided group retreat to fit your needs.

Composition of a Guided Group Listening Retreat

A Guided Group Listening Retreat is developed from some of the following elements:

  • Common theme used throughout the day
  • Teaching on and introduction to Listening Prayer
  • Corporate laying down of burdens
  • Meditations on the theme and a question for reflection
  • Times of solitude and silence
  • Group sharing / Group Spiritual Direction
  • Group listening
  • Group prayer
  • Lectio Divina (see definition of Lectio Divina in Introductory Guide to Listening Prayer)
  • Worship
  • Free time / rest time

Why Come on a Guided Group Listening Retreat

“The world gives itself up to incessant activity merely because it knows nothing better. The inspired man works among its whirring wheels also – but he knows whither the wheels are going.  For he has found the center where all is stillness.” Paul Brunton

“Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.Jesus in Matthew 4:4

Our lives are so filled with incessant activity that we miss most of what God is saying to us.  A Guided Listening Retreat gives us an opportunity to stop, look and listen for every word that God speaks with the goal that when we return to our everyday lives, we can hear Him in the midst of the “whirring wheels”.

What the Retreatant needs to bring:

Bibles, notebooks (prayer journals), pens, comfortable shoes

What the Retreatant should not bring:

Cell phones, mp3 players or other reading materials

Who should come on a  Guided Group Listening Retreat?

Guided Group Listening Retreats are ideal for ministry teams, elder boards, small groups, worship teams, faculty, and church staff.

How many can come on a Guided Group Listening Retreat?

Guided Group Listening Retreats require at least 8 individuals and can accommodate up to 25 retreatants (17 for an overnight retreat).